livinginexileBeing a middle aged man thrust back into the single life after a long marriage is frightening, poignant, and dead on funny. Dimitri Katsopolous is newly single, and navigating the pitfalls of single life in the big city. Out of shape, out of touch with the new technology, and out of his league with the women he meets, Dimitri struggles to rebuild his life as he reinvents himself.

Will he get over the heartbreak with Anna? Will he find new love? Will he ever cease to be amazed by the onslaught of semi-nude text pictures he receives? The only way to find out is to watch on

Created by and featuring Jim Mendrinos, Living in Exile is produced by New Media Comedy (John P. Rigores, Jim Mendrinos, Laura Lee Botsacos and Marco Berrios) and was shot on location in New York City and LA. It features a bevy of comedians and comedy actors in this funny, smart, and dead on look at mid-life revisited.

What are people saying about my new web series? Take a look:

“Living in Exile just might be the best funniest show I’ve ever seen.” – Chris Rock, Comedian, Actor, Producer

“Fantastic show, with great writing. Mendrinos has a certain style that makes you laugh, think and shake your head all at once.” — Kenneth Del Vecchio, Producer, Writer, Director of the Hoboken International Film Festival

“Jim Mendrinos’ series LIVING IN EXILE is a moving, funny and warm look at a big array of emotional issues. Mainly that of abandonment and what the Hell do you do next. Jim is the lead and carries it with heart and we feel the pain with him. The cast is very good and it looks great. I defy you to not relate to it in one way or another. Long may you run, Jim!” –Rick Overton, Emmy Award Winning Writer, and Comedian

“I love this series! Living in Exile is funny, relevant and poignant. Jim Mednrinos in the lead role of Dmitri is a convincing and empathetic spokesperson for all people who have had their hearts broken by divorce who find the courage to date again. This is well written and beautifully produced. The balance between humor and heart is spot on. Put this one right on your toolbar – you won’t want to miss it.” – Emmy Award Winning Writer Janette Barber

“Jim Mendrinos’s thoughtful series fills a void for so many men who find themselves lost after a hard breakup. Jim is not only one of the funniest guys I know, he’s also a media veteran who understands the platform, and how to engage his audience.” — Mike Straka, News and Sports Commentator

But Wait there’s More!

“Sheer Comic Genius! Being suddenly single again has never been so hilarious!

What do you do when the woman you’ve loved and been with for 14 years (and married to for 10) suddenly decides to ditch you for another guy? If you’re Dimitri Katsapolous, the lead character in Jim Mendrinos’ hilarious web series “Living in Exile,” you freak out. You avoid dating. Then you date. You buy the wrong thread count of sheets. You wear an ugly “European” shirt. And you keep the audience laughing out loud as they watch your painful foray back into the dating scene.

While “Living in Exile” stars Dimitri (played by Mendrinos), the brilliant ensemble cast is not to be missed. From the blunt-talking assistant director to the “needs a therapist herself” therapist, the characters are both funny and well played. We’ve all had some of these folks in our lives, like the ever-supportive Athena to the Crazy Woman Dimitri dated for five weeks before he met his wife. This time, though, you can laugh at the crazy date rather than contemplate calling the cops.” —-Michele Wojciechowski, author of “Next Time I Move, They’ll Carry Me Out in a Box,” and columnist, Wojo’s World®

“Jimmy, I just watched the show. You’ve done it, man. It is really fucking good. I mean that in the sense of you or me watching a great comic and not so much laughing but rather nodding and saying “…good stuff. Goooood stuff.” You dig? I’m flat out impressed. And don’t get me wrong-it’s fucking HYSTERICAL. You directed your ass off as well. REALLy well shot and the acting is just right throughout. Mazel Tov.” — T. J. McCormick WVOX Radio

“Honest and vulnerable. I like that Dimitri is a real man and not a caricature of a man. I like that he doesn’t diminish his situation to blaming a “crazy bitch.” Love found and love lost is real to everyone. I look forward to seeing how Dimitri sinks and swims as life hands him more experiences. I look forward to his revealing what led him to where he is, and I look forward to his ultimate triumph!!! God, am I corny, but I mean it! – Maureen Langan, KGO Radio

“Hmmmm… if’ it’s usually a woman who is scorned, then I can’t wait to see as the episodes unfold how you get your sweet revenge: Anything can happen & I can’t wait…staying tuned! Congrats! Now….relax, relate, release……Ommmmmmmmm ” Leslie Segar, Host/Producer Hot Jamz Sirius/XM

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